Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Daddy Update

Brian is out of DRC!!!! WhooooHOOOOO! He just called from Johannesburg. He said the Kinshasa airport was indescribable. He said "they all but pick you up and shake you by the ankles" before letting you leave. What a relief!

As of arriving in J-burg they still did not have a hotel arrangement made. And their layover was for almost 24hours, so the prospect of spending a whole night and day in the airport was not appealing. They tried the hotel there at the airport, but it was all booked up. So they went back to South African Immigration and begged for a temporary visa so they could leave the airport with the babies and get a room somewhere else. He said it didn't look like they were going to budge, but then a supervisor came and ok's it. He thinks it's because Haven had just had a blowout and didn't have any pants on. That might be somewhat convincing.

So he will get to sleep in nice and late, in a super nice hotel (he said as nice as where we stayed in Chongqing) with plenty of airconditioning. His flight leaves J-burg at about 6:00pm (about midnight our time) and he will be home about noon on Sunday! Tomorrow will be the longest Saturday of my life! Hope Grace lets me sleep late.
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