Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mugshot Monday--Oops I Forgot

Yesterday was my very first time to spend the entire day at home with the kids. Brian was attending a work shop and I was home alone with Grace and Haven. And it was a really, really long day. And I totally forgot to post my Mugshot Monday.

I have to say that my husband is AMAZING. He is such a good stay at home dad. I come home most days to dinner on the table and a relatively clean house, two smiling (or napping) kids, and a general state of calm. And he does it everyday!!! Brian came home to me yesterday and I was an ugly, sweaty, grumpy mess. And lets not even talk about the house. Or the sweaty, grumpy kids. And he still cooked me dinner (you guys that know me know I don't cook, I tried to cut off my thumb last week cutting up an avocado). So my AMAZING husband deserves an amazing Father's Day Gift. Normally, Brian and I never exchange gifts for any holiday, but I really want to do something nice for him this weekend. Anyone have any AMAZING ideas?

Well, I'm off to once again explain to Grace that she is too big to sit in Haven's swing or bouncy chair, again. They really ought to make these things with a longer shelf life. Grace has not outgrown the need to bounce and swing, but she is just too big!
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