Friday, June 12, 2009

A Visit From the Grands

My parents came to visit this past week. This was their first visit since Haven came home. He was on his best behavior and I think they all hit it off pretty well. I think they were astonished at what a good baby Haven is and what a two year old Grace has turned into. We don't have grandparents on either side of the family that live close by so Grandma and Grandpa are not words that Grace uses too often. She could use a little more practice. You could hear here yelling all weekend long for "Grawnpoo". Boy, does Grace make me laugh!

Grace took this picture of Haven. Not bad! Only a small bit of Grace finger in the photo.

My sweet little cuddler.

Grace and I have been practicing making faces at each other. I actually got her to do it for the camera and they are hilarious. First, a few shots of "Happy Grace" and then some "Sad Grace"!

Hope you all have a "Happy Grace" weekend!

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