Saturday, July 4, 2009

Free Book on African Orphans

I just came across an offer for a free download of a novel called Sacred by Tom Davis. Don't know much about it, but you can download it for free as some sort of promotion from the publishing company. It has gotten some good reviews. It is about a journalist in Africa. And war, orphans, poverty, etc. You know, the stuff I like to talk and read about these days.

Tom Davis is an adoptive father and seems to do a lot of charitable work in Africa. Haven't read of a lot of his blog, but plan to give it a closer look. I feel really pulled to do more for the children of DRC on a personal level, but I haven't quite found the path I am supposed to take yet. Maybe reading this novel will provide some direction. Or maybe it will stink, but I won't feel to bad about not finishing it because I got it for free on my computer. But I don't think it will stink.

By the way, if you didn't see it yet, keep scrolling down to the next post for a video clip of Haven crawling and Grace tea-partying!

Ok, because you were so patient and read my blog post, here are a couple of cute kid pics!

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