Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Haven is a Little Famous

Below is the link to the video news story on Haven's adoption. The print story will be posted tomorrow and I will post the link for it, too. The story turned out great. But it is weird to see your life compressed into 2 minutes!

The story is called Congo Family Adoptions

Be sure to send it out to everyone you know. We want to promote Our Family Adoptions and help as many children in the Democratic Republic of Congo that we can!!!


There is a family that was forced to leave their newly adopted 4 year old daughter in China because she tested positive for TB. The CDC will not allow her to qualify for a visa even though experts have contacted them and said that she is not a health risk to the public. She has been treated for TB for the last 2 months. The parents did not know that she had TB until they got to China. They had to leave her after spending 2 weeks together. This is a link to their blog and this is a link to the YouTube video of the father saying goodbye to her. Grab some tissue, it had me balling all over my computer. It is so wrong what our government is putting this child through!
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