Monday, August 17, 2009

Mugshot Monday--A Sighting of the Great Crested Gracie Bird!

We had another wonderful weekend as summer vacation quickly draws to a close. We got to attend the Los Ninos International Adoption Agency's final reunion. As you may remember Los Ninos was forced to close due to several changes in several different country adoption programs and the down turn in the economy. It was a wonderful family run organization and it is very sad that they were unable to reorganize to stay afloat. But inspite for their unfortunate closing they still held one final reunion for all the families that had adopted through their agency. We got to spend time with Grace's China sisters, Jenna and Sydney (pictured below), as well as meeting lots of other great families!

More cool news--the print story that went along with the recent video production about Haven's adoption (produced by the United Methodist Church) is finally posted online. Here is the link:

I can't decide if I like the video or the print story better. Lisa and Carlos (the video production team) did such an awesome job on the video, but the print story has some beautiful details that, unfortunately, don't always fit into a news video. Well, they are both gorgeous and you can see them both at the link above.

Pictured above are Grace and Haven along with Jean Erichsen, the founder of Los Ninos, her daughter Rosanne, the director of Los Ninos, and Rosanne's son . They are beautiful women with very big hearts.

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