Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peas in a Pod

We are trying to transition Grace to her own bed and Haven out of his crib.  So we got a bunk bed.  Haven, as usual, has been an easy switch.  He moved right into the bottom bunk and seems to love it.  Grace, of course, is a little less enthusiatic.  She loves her new bed.  She just doesn't want to spend the night in it.  So we are trying "systematic desensitization".  We starting with naps and reading and watching her little DVD player in hopes that she will fall asleep and like it.

New bed, but where is Haven???

Today, Brian put the kids down for naps.  Haven was out after a few minutes of reading The Lorax (my personal favorite Dr. Suess) and Grace fell asleep a few minutes later.  After about an hour Brian went in to check on them and Haven was no where to be found.  After a brief search (its a very small room and the door was closed) he found Haven curled up on the top bunk with Grace.  The were both snoozing away and Grace had her hand on his cheek.  Too precious!

There he is!!!

They are not always like this (just ask the clerks at any stores in our neighborhood), but when they are it just melts my heart!!!
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