Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Big Girl is Getting Bigger

My darling daughter Grace is now six years old.

I think six is the new twelve.  She is already starting to behave a little teenagery.  EEK!  But when she is not rolling her eyes at me or giving me that "adolescent sneer", I must say that she has turned into a delightful little person.
Some things you should know about Grace, the six year old:
Likes--the color red, chicken legs, her new baby doll Olivia, dresses and more dresses, flowers, sunny days, playing with Haven, working on the computer, running around on all fours like a horse, doing art, yodeling (yep, I'm gonna have to try and get that on video).
Dislikes--any food except white rice and meat, babies that touch her stuff, striped or plaid clothes, pants, doing chores, being alone the dark, the dark, the dark..

Grace in China--our first night together
Grace at One

Grace at Two


Grace at Four
Grace at Three

Grace at Five

Grace's birthday included a super fun treasure hunt for each of her presents hidden throughout the house. 

 Grace and Chef Haven prepared cupcakes for the birthday.  Then we all enjoyed them after dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. 

Grace said that she wished on her birthday candle that everyone would have a happy day.  Oh this child melts my heart and makes we proud in ways I never could have dreamed.  
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