Friday, April 5, 2013


This cutie pie below is Miles.  He is from DRCongo.  He is the adorable son of one of my favorite mama's in the world--Megan over at the blog Millions of Miles.
If you've never read Megan's blog, you should.  She is brilliantly funny.  She is also one of the most generous people I know.  She has organized this amazing raffle to benefit Jabu Africa and Heartline Haiti.  Her goal is to raise $10,000 to be split between these two terrific organizations.  She is so close to hitting that goal (at the writing of this post the total sits at $8815.00) and the deadline is midnight tonight.
So Miles and me are both begging you! PLEASE!  Go buy a raffle ticket.  They cost just $10 and the winning ticket will get a luxury vacation just minutes from DISNEYWORLD!!!  And your $10 will do so much good! 
So take a trip over to Millions of Miles and get the whole scoop on this wonderful contest/fundraiser.  While you're there make a point to read a post called "Hunger" to get some great perspectives on the importance of the funds raised in this project for the children of DRC and this post on how the funds will be used in Haiti.
On a sort of related note, if you're in my neighborhood tomorrow stop by and support the giant garage sale for Adam and Melody Mosley.  They just got a referral this week for a beautiful baby girl that they'll be traveling to bring home in a few weeks.  They need to raise a lot of funds for travel expenses.  So bring us your junk, or come buy some new junk to take home :)
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