Saturday, June 15, 2013

No Day But Today

No Day But Today.......

Have you seen the musical Rent?  Or the movie version of the musical Rent?  There is a song in that show called "No Day But Today".  That phrase has really been spinning around my head a lot lately.  There have been so many events that have made me want to squeeze up my kids and just never let them go.  For instance, a friend has just found out that the cancer she thought was in remission has come back.  Then a couple of weeks ago a relative of a friend lost a four year old daughter to a sudden brain aneurysm.  And of course many of you probably heard, read or saw the story about Zia Gorman the little girl who was just recently adopted from DRC and died within just a few weeks of coming home.

And then the Boston bombing happened.  And then the Oklahoma tornado hit.  And then, and then..... So it seems like every time I turn on the news I find myself thinking "No Day But Today".

So what should I do with today?

I'm starting with some simple things.  Pretty much anytime my kids want to go swimming I'm trying to let them.  When I have a spare minute I try to just sit on the couch and let the Little's crawl around on me until they've gotten their fill of mama lap time.  Brian is really wonderful about taking them to the park every chance he gets.  We're riding bikes, and eating outside, and jumping on the trampoline, and cuddling and laughing, and tickling.  I'm trying to squeeze as much into every day that I can.

Summer vacation has just started and I totally expected this to be the summer of the "stay-cation".  Just hanging out around the pull, reading some good books, sewing my fingers off.  But then my friend Kristie started sending me these messages on Facebook about how I should come to visit her at her new home.  Of course I think she's nuts, because who in their right mind would invite all 8 of us to invade their home.  Kristie happens to be one of my favorite people in the world.  We spent 3 insane weeks in Congo together bringing home her son and our Manny and JoJo.  Then her girls ended up living in the same foster home with our Kat and Louise.  So we're practically related.  But even so, do you really want 8 of your relatives to show up at your house at the same time???

But Kristie persisted.  She told me that 3 other Congo adoption families (some of my favorite people in the world, by the way) would coincidentally all be converging on her town at the same time.  And we just had to come too!  And then one of those 3 families called Brian one night (and incidentally this family is probably the only other family in the world crazy enough to invite my family to their house) and said "Hey, we have some free nights in a condo available, would you like to have them?"  What? Free vacation??? Who does that???  Some very generous, very wonderful people, that's who!!!  And where does Kristie live, you might be wondering?  ORLANDO, FLORIDA!!!

So we have been given this a really amazing "No Day But Today" opportunity.  And by golly, we are jumping on it.  I get to take my kids to spend time with several of our favorite people in the whole world, in the children's vacation capital of the world.  WhoooooHOOOOO!!! Yes, we should probably stay home and save the gas money. And save for retirement.  And save for college funds.  But we just can't be guaranteed what tomorrow will bring.  There may be "No Day But Today" and the day that I get to stand in front of Cinderella's Castle holding the hand of my Princess Grace is just going to be too magical to miss.

How in the world did we get so blessed to have so many good, generous, wonderful people in our world.  Here we come, Kristie!  Get ready for some big hugs!

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