Thursday, June 20, 2013

Two Going On Forty!

Louise at Two
Louise last year just before she turned ONE

Louise turned two years old a few weeks ago.  Any day now I expect Louise to start chain smoking, swearing and drinking whiskey from a coffee cup.  Louise is definitely an old soul.  She has a weird gravelly voice, an amazing sense of humor, and as Brian says, an old lady name, so she's well on her way!

She is also a big soul.  Brian took her for her well baby visit today and she's not as ginormous as Kat, but she is holding her own.  At 2 years old she is in the 94th percentile for weight and 87th percentile for height.  According to the doctor all looks well and besides having some pretty crummy allergies this spring she is very healthy.

You may notice from these pictures that she is looking a little balder these days.  She has had a pretty severe bald spot on the back of her head since we brought her home from DRC.  Her hair got longer but the bald spot never filled in so we decided to take it down very short and hopefully the bald spot will start to blend in better.  In the meantime, don't you think she looks like one of those bald exotic supermodels!

Louise's personality just keeps getting bigger and stronger, too.  She has very definite opinions on what she wears, especially her shoes, what she eats, and how she spends her time.  She loves to wear dresses and she is starting to like having me decorate her head.  She loves to eat hot dogs, but she has gotten very picky about everything else. 

Her very favorite thing in the world right now is swimming.  At two she is already swimming the width of our pool unassisted.  She'll just jump off the side and take off.  She prefers to swim naked so she looks like a giant brown frog chugging across the pool.  Too too cute.

Probably one of the most remarkable and most irritating things about Louise right now is her lack of sleep.  Most nights she has full fledged toddler insomnia.  The girl just won't sleep.  You can put her to bed earlier or later, doesn't matter.  For at least the first hour that she is in bed she will either lay there and kick the wall or she will get out of bed and kick the door.  Over and over and over and over.....oh Lordie she has will power.  We have started moving her in to bed with us if she is still awake when we go to bed and that has helped some.  Part of the problem seems to be some separation anxiety.  But part of it seems to be that she simply has a busy brain that doesn't need as much sleep. Look at that furrowed brow.  This is one intense little person!

Just a small footnote, we now have 3 two year olds in our house and we will until mid July.  Please keep us in your prayers :)
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