Thursday, May 7, 2015

Spring Has Spring: Giant Spring Photo Dump!

It's springtime and I'm feeling a little giddy about it.  The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the pool is open.  Life is good.  Not perfect, but pretty darn good.

When spring first pops up I get a a little frantic.  I feel like I have to fill up my calendar with as many
outdoor activities as possible before the dog days of Texas summer arrive (which will be sometime in May)! So right after I Easter I nagged Brian into opening our pool.

For Easter we decided to forgo traditional baskets and take the kids to all see a Saturday matinee of "Home".  Great movie and an awesome day!  It was the first movie that Manny, Kat, and Louise had ever been to and all 6 kids were soooooo good!  So much fun!

Grammy and Pop sent everyone a beach bucket for Easter so we used them to have a little Easter egg hunt in our front yard.  The competition for chocolate eggs was fierce!

The following pictures are completely unrelated to Easter or spring.  It's just funny to see what kind of costumes Louise will come up with!

Katriel has become obsessed with my phone camera.  She got a lucky flattering shot of Mama!

On a random Friday afternoon, we took a trip to the Houston Zoo with the Solbergs. We put the season pass that the Grands got us for Christmas to good use and discovered a Friday after 4:00pm is the best time ever to visit the zoo.  No crowds, parking right by the entrance, all the cotton candy vendors are already closed (yes, that was a very good thing)!

A couple days later we hit the Surfside Beach with our friends from down the street.  Brian HATES the sand, but my water babies all LOVE playing in the surf.  Watch out, here comes a whole bunch of photos!!!

My handsome JoJo!

Katriel is so lovely!

Swimming with new friends.

Havey Wavey taking to the waves!

Vika is the life of the party!

Izzy is so sweet!

Watch out for Manny Boo!

My sand angel, Grace!

Louise always does things her own way!

JoJo and his buddy, Henry.

"Look Mama, I'm Santa Claus!"

"Mama, I'm a mermaid!"


Daddy joins in the fun!

Louise, or the Unknown Comic?

Spring hasn't been all fun and games.  There have been a few owies!

Things looked a little dicey for awhile, but Louise managed to pull through!!!

It's the first week of May.  We are staying in the 80's each day.  The 90's will be here soon!  I had better squeeze in some more springtime special occasions before the sweat and the mosquitoes drive me back inside.  Any suggestions?  Any must do spring events in your house?

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