Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Grace is EIGHT! Make It Stop!

She was ONE.

And then she was TWO.

Before we knew it she was THREE.

And then came FOUR.

She was FIVE.

And then SIX.

SEVEN has been an amazing year.

But now she is EIGHT!  Eight!  OMGoodness, how did this happen.  How did all these years fly by so quickly.  It is KILLING me.  My baby is EIGHT!

Grace is truly amazing.  She is so funny, so loving, so stubborn, so frustrating.  So shy and yet, so wacky and wonderful when she's in her comfort zone.  She is turning into the sweetest big sister and and still BFF with her brother Haven.

She is smart and and of course, the most beautiful girl I know.

  • Her favorite color is still rainbow.
  • Her favorite food is steak.
  • Her favorite movie is Big Hero Six.
  • Her favorite thing to do is play Minecraft (she is obsessed and I think she's really good at it).
  • Her favorite object in the whole house is a her blue pillow. 
  • Her favorite holiday is Valentines.
  • When she grows up she is going to take care of me when I get old (yes, that is exactly what the little creep said)!
I hope that when I am old and she is taking care of me that she is also gainfully employed!  So that's my little nut, in a nutshell.  Every year she gets more wonderful and every year I stop and thank God that at just the right moment our paths crossed and I was the one who got to be her mama.  Happy Birthday my Amazing Grace!

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