Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Birthday Season--Manny is Five and Brian is....a little older than that!

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Boo Bear, Manny! A couple of weeks ago he turned 5!  So I am back to a house that feels "normal" with Manny and JoJo the same age again.  

Manny is all about the Avengers these days, especially Captain American.  And yes, this cake has gray frosting.  And it didn't taste very good. Go figure.

We had our typical family birthday party.  They make me the happiest.  I'm not really a party planner so anything more than a cake in my own kitchen is way above my skill set!

Manny got a whole bunch of new Legos for his birthday from Grace, Haven, and JoJo.  Grace also got Manny a whole bag of marshmallows.  This is Grace's go to gift for Manny.  He is a bit of a marshmallow fanatic!

There is a possibility that his siblings picked out Legos with a small ulterior motive!  Everyone dove right in to play after cake.

Manny had his well kiddo doctor visit and although he is still enormous, he is starting to move closer the average.  He was 78th percentile in weight and 88th in height.  

And he still has those dreamy Manny eyes!!!  He also still loves the color blue and sports.  His newest interest is football and JJWatt!  He is very academic and showing signs of reading readiness. Like his big sister he is crazy about Minecraft and his favorite TV show is Paw Patrol.

His big birthday present from Mama and Daddy was a basketball goal for the backyard.  And Grandma came through with 6 basketballs in 6 different colors!  Hurray,  no fighting over who gets to shoot next!!!

Brian also had a birthday last week.  We had a fun dinner out with friends and the kiddos.  But Brian's birthday wasn't exactly what he had hoped for.  The Texans lost that day and I forgot to check his pockets before doing a load of laundry and washed his telephone.  Happy birthday, Sweetheart :)

In the next 10 days we have 3 more birthdays.  I'm a little warn out from all the celebrating, but I will trudge forward. Feel free to come join us for some cake.  Mine will be chocolate, not gray!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quick Before Fall Gets Here: A Summer Recap

I was so busy doing not much of anything that I haven't posted a single blog post since July!  How in the heck did that happen?

So really quickly before Fall gets here (I have a little extra time down here in Texas) is a really quick summer recap!

  • To Grandmother's house we went--twice in fact.  We went to visit Brian's parents in New Mexico.  The first trip went so smoothly that we risked it a second time and did it again.  On the first trip we got to spend a day with my college friend, Jennifer, and her beautiful Congo kids.  We also got to spend lots of time with Aunt Cathy, who all my kids think hung the moon. She is the kind of aunt who swoops in with lots of presents and spends all day throwing tea parties and giving manicures.  And even my boys love a good manicure.  While at Grandma's we took a short side trip up to the family cabin at Ute Lake.  The kids got their first rides in a boat and on a jet ski.  They did lots of swimming (every one's #1 favorite activity) and both trips were so much fun!

  • Since this summer was mostly a "Staycation" we spent a lot of time in our own backyard, swimming and staying cool.  One fun day we decided to get our craft on and make some home made birdhouses.  Brian cut out the pieces for each kiddo to build and paint their own house. They turned out adorable and are hung all around our back deck.

  • Towards the end of summer we started to plan for our next year of homeschooling.  Grace is now in 3rd grade, Haven is in 1st.  Manny and JoJo are both pre-k, and Louise and Kat are enjoying another year of play!  Because really, that's what littles need the most!!!  Our major school purchase this year was a microscope.  It has been the hit of the party.  We collected lots of specimens from Grandma' garden during our visit and Grace has prepared dozens of slides.  I hope we have a budding scientist!

I know I always say this, but I will try to post more regularly.  I thought life after diapers would be easier, but we are busy, busy, busy all the time. At the end of each day I have to decide, do I stay up an extra hour and write a blog post or do I drop into bed?  Bed usually wins!  

Goodbye Summer!  Welcome Fall!
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