K & L

Our Adoption Journey To Baby K and Baby L

Summer 2011--We think that maybe sometime in the future we will adopt again...but we are in no rush.
August 22--We get a call asking if we would be interested in adopting a baby girl.
August 28--We see the first pictures of our beautiful Baby K and we start the crazy adoption paperchase one more time.
September 11--Homestudy visit completed.
September 19--We find out that our referral has fallen through. She is not free and clear to be adopted.
September 19--In the same phone call we find out that there are twin baby girls that are available and we say YES to their referral.
September 24--We got our first pictures of the Twins and our dossier is sent overseas.
October 1--Homestudy is complete and on its way to our house.
October 10--Our I-600a is in the mail.

October 24--We have just found out that the twins are not going to be ours.  They cannot be adopted after all.  We are heartbroken. We wait for another referral

October 26--We got our appointment for our biometric fingerprints--November 18.  After we are fingerprinted there is just one more document we'll be waiting for and all our US paperwork will be complete.

November 18--We got our fingerprints taken.  Now we wait for our I-171h, which approves us to adopt more children from overseas.  Still no new referrals :(

December 31--We got our I-171h in the mail today.  We are approved for two children, 0-48 months old.  Still waiting to find out who those children will be!

January 6--We have our referrals.  Two unrelated baby girls.  About six months old.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

Katriel's referral picture

January 9--Baby L--our precious Lisette Josephine--has died of malaria.  We are heartbroken, but committed to bringing home 2 daughters so we continue to wait for a second referral and pray that Baby K stays healthy.

January 19--Another new referral--a baby girl about six month old.  We have decided to stick with the L names, so she will be our new Baby L.

Louise's referral picture

February 9--Our baby girls have passed court and are officially ours. 

March--Brian travels to Congo for our Embassy appointment.  While there we find out the Embassy won't issue our visas due to a glitch in our paperwork.  We will have to go back to court.

May--It's finally time.  We are both headed to Congo to bring home our baby girls.  The wait is FINALLY over!

May 6--The girls are handed over to us.  They are our daughters.

May 12--We are headed home to become a family of eight.  Our newest additions are Katriel Judith and Louise Josephine. 

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