Our Adoption Journey To Grace
  • July 2005--We decide to begin an international adoption
  • September 2005--Choose China for our adoption and begin filing paperwork for our dossier
  • November 2005--Dossier is sent to China
  • December 5, 2005--Dossier is logged in to CCAA in China
  • December 2005 thru November 2007--We wait and wait and wait for our referral to come from China
First picture of Grace that we know to exist

  • November 2007--We finally get our referral and see Grace's beautiful face for the first time

  • December 2007--We travel to China to meet our darling Grace
  • December 23, 2007--Grace is placed in our arms in the lobby of the Chongqing Hilton
  • December 24--Christmas Eve--Grace's offical adoption day
  • January 2008--Grace comes home and becomes a US citizen
  • March 2008--We celebrate Grace's First Birthday
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