In July of 2005 my life was changed forever.  That is when my husband and I started the paperwork on our first adoption.  We had been married for sixteen years at that point and had long ago decided we weren't going to have children.  We had good careers, a life that seemed full and satisfying.  But that summer a series of events lead us to the decision to have children.   Adoption was already part of our family culture--my husband and both my parents had been adopted--so it seemed the natural choice for growing our own family.  We didn't have any infertility issues, we just had a very strong and sudden calling to adopt.

And so we dove right in head first.  We didn't give our decision lots of careful consideration.  We didn't read or research.  Quite frankly, we didn't do anything right when it comes to the adoption process.  We chose our agency out of the phonebook because it was the closest one to our house.  We never asked for recommendations from other parents or checked the internet to see what kind of reputation our agency had.  We didn't read up about the country we were going to adopt from.  We made lots of rookie mistakes.  But we were older parents and we were in a hurry to get this show on the road.

Thankfully our adoption was very smooth sailing.  The agency we chose turned out to have a very good reputation and provided us with outstanding service.  Our homestudy social worker was wonderful and our paperwork breezed through the system.  Everything about our adoption went well expect for one thing:  it took twice as long as we expected.  That's when we learned that in international adoption you have to expect the unexpected.  When we started the process our agency said it would take 8-10 months for us to bring home our child.  It actually took 2 and a half years!

Imagine being pregnant for 2 and a half years.  You go into your doctor at the 9 month mark and he says "sorry, just be patient, you're going to have to wait".  At the one year mark of our adoption process, after I'd picked myself off the ground and wiped away my puddle of tears, I think I started to realize that maybe I wasn't quite ready to be a parent yet.  Maybe I needed more time to read and research and do all the things that I was supposed to do before we started the paperwork.  And that is when I started to really learn about adoption.

In December of 2007 we finally brought home a our beautiful baby girl from China.  And it had been so worth the wait.  But a year later I was anxious to start again.  So in May of 2008 we started the process again, this time for a boy from the Democratic Republic of Congo.  And this is where my heart was broken for orphans.  It was my son's adoption that taught me so much about the plight of orphans, the suffering, the sadness.  But he also taught me the amazing joy of motherhood.   We still had room in our hearts and in our home.  We couldn't stop there, so in April of 2011 we brought home two more baby boys.  Then in May of 2012 we brought home two more baby girls.

There are approximately 153 million orphans in the world.  None of them deserve to live in an orphanage.  None of them deserve to go hungry.  None of them deserve to suffer from disease.  None of them deserve to die alone.  Our family is one small voice, but it's their voice.

In the midst of all these adoptions I started a business.  I sell amazing and beautiful fabrics from around the world at my two website locations:


We are now one giant, crazy, family of EIGHT!  I never could have dreamed it or imagined it, but it is most definitely the wild wacky, chaotic life I was supposed to live!  Welcome to My Six Pack!  I am More Love Mama and I'm loving every minute of it!
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