Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Beginning

Tonight I am starting fresh.  Because it is that time of year, afterall.  A time for fresh starts, new beginnings, rebirth.  I've just become a new mom again.  I'm entering a new phase of my life.  So I need to get my act together and keep track of all these "news".  If nothing else, I owe it to my children since I've never bothered to put together baby books for any of them.  This blog is the best I have been able to muster up.  So starting tonight I am a new blogger.

If there is anyone out there still checking in from time to time, I expect you to hold me accountable.  I'll be giving the site a facelift.  I'll, of course, be blogging about my house full of kiddos.  I'll be talking about the good, bad, and otherwise, of my trip to Congo.  I'll be shouting about adoption and Our Family in Africa.  I'm taking the site public again and I might even be changing the name.  So some of the same old same old.  But hopefully some fresh and new.  So stay tuned.  I promise I'll be back sooner than last time!

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