Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Riddance to 2012!!!

OK, I don't want to end the year sounding like a Negative Nelly, but quite frankly 2012 was a real drag.  Of course there were some good times, some great times, some amazing life changing moments. 

But then there was some real suck!  If you missed any of these highlights (and low lights) then take a walk down memory lane with me. 

Some of 2012 was just irritating, like when our minivan had to be replaced unexpectedly by our maxi-van.
Some of it made me sick--literally!  I had a 3rd world stomach bug, the mother of all ear infections, and pneumonia.
Some of 2012 was heartbreaking.  Before we ever had a chance to meet her, we lost our sweet baby Lisette to malaria.
And some of it was terrifying.  Katriel had a terrible accident shortly after we brought her home.  She is completely fine, but I am still having a hard time processing the whole thing. 
Of course, over the whole of 2012 I spent many days and nights pondering the plight of orphans, the poverty of DRC, and terrible civil unrest that continues there as we speak.  It is something that always weighs heavy in the back of my mind.

So, yeah, I am totally over 2012.  Ready to move along.  Of course, there were those two very spectacular additions to our family in 2012--Katriel and Louise!
And I had the life changing opportunity to travel once again to DRCongo.
Obviously, 2012 was not all bad.  Living my life everyday along side my amazing husband and my six angel babies if a gift beyond words. 

But boy oh boy, am I ready for 2013!!!  Bring it on!  I'm looking forward to sharing lots of great new adventures with you in the coming year.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
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