Monday, May 7, 2012

Day 4--Getting to Know You

There is not a lot for us to do on this trip while we wait for our last piece of paperwork to be signed.  Which is not a terrible thing because it gives you a lot of very concentrated time for bonding with your kiddos.  Today we had nothing but bonding.

We had a pretty good night.  Both girls woke up at about 2am.  We gave them bottles and Baby K went right back to sleep, but Baby L sat around in the dark and talked for at least a full hour.  She just jabbered away, crawled around the bed, inspected by teeth and nostrils.  She rubbed my hair, held my hand and then finally went back to sleep.  We all got up at 7am and headed to breakfast.

There are a few other Americans staying the same place as us and two other adoptive families.  A woman is here with her father.  She will be bringing home a toddler girl and a baby boy.  She is planning to be here for up to 6 weeks.  Brave woman!!  There is a single dad adopting a sweet little boy about Grace's age.  There is also an agency director and a pre-adoptive parent doing some research on a pilot program.  We sat and chatted with all of them at breakfast.  We discovered that L likes toast and mango.  I have feeling we will not find too many foods she doesn't want to eat.  She has got some chunky thighs and a double chin.  She looks a bit like Haven when he went through that bowling ball stage.

After breakfast we had our family nap time.  I just love naps!!!

We had lunch in the dining room today.  They served fish (yuck), plantains, white rice, and a sort of cream of chicken soup with no evidence of any actual chicken.  Both girls liked the plantains and rice. 

In the afternoon we walked around the grounds a bit and then we sat under a large durian tree (OK, not right under it--if you've ever seen a durian it is a fruit that can probably kill you if it fell from the tree onto your head) and had a beer with Single Dad.  It was so sweet to watch him with his new son.  I got pretty chewed up by some mosquitoes (hope that Malerone kicks in) and headed in to give the girls baths.  Like their Mama, they did not like the cold water!

We got everyone into their jammies and then skyped with Grace, Haven, and Grandma.   It was so good to see the Bigs.  They were excited to see the girls, but not freaked out about not having us home.  Things seem to be going much smoother at home than last time.  I tried a different bathing strategy for myself tonight (not that any of you are interested in my showering habits).  I washed my hair in the bathroom sink and then ran around in circles in the shower for about 60 seconds to get the rest of me clean.  I HATE cold showers. 

So, what did we get to know about our girls today?  Baby K is a true baby.  She is floppy and cuddly.  She has no teeth, but she can roll herself over and push up on the bed.  She smiles and babbles a lot, but her personality is still baby.  She seems to like riding in my sling pretty well so we did lots of snuggling today.  I think she is quite stunningly beautiful.  She has very defined features and eyelashes that go on for days.

Baby L has a big personality.  She is already cruising and even taking 2 or 3 steps at a time.  She already says "Mama" when she looks at me.  She has 4 large teeth that she likes to grind against each other.  She has a very ready smile and likes to clap her hands and imitate you facial expressions.  I think she and JoJo are going give us lots of laughter and lots of fits!

Both girls are attaching well.  No trauma today except for the shower, but lots of giggles and hugs.  Right now they sleeping in the middle of our king size bed, noggin to noggin.  They both have a cough that is interrupting their sleep a bit. Probably some germ they picked up from Brian and me.

Well, I had better take advantage of these sleeping babies and get some shut eye myself.  Brian's philosophy--always sleep when the babies are sleeping.  If you're a praying sort, please sent out some prayers that there are no delays with our last piece of paperwork.  We are supposed to leave Saturday so it would be really nice to have our papers by Thursday so that we can get our packing done and flights confirmed without the craziness we had last year.  Have a great evening.  It's time for me to do some more snuggling.
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