Friday, November 28, 2008

Why I Am Thankful

This Thanksgiving I am sick. So are Grace and Brian. Yuck. We were supposed to have dinner with our dear friends Greg and Alicia, but we had to cancel. I'm a vegetarian, so missing the turkey was not a big deal, but missing the pumpkin pie is killing me! Nonetheless, I am very thankful this year. Here are just of the few of the things for which I give thanks:
  • The way that Grace sometimes runs up and hugs me for no reason at all!

  • Electricity, water, and ice cubes. If you experienced Hurricane Ike you know what I mean.

  • Puffs Plus Tissues--you know, the kind with the lotion built in. My nose is killing me!

  • Brian's wonderful cooking!

  • The paperwork is all done on Haven's adoption.

  • It is only 3 weeks until Christmas vacation.

  • Every day I wake up feeling more blessed than the day before!
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