Saturday, February 14, 2009

BIG NEWS--A New Valentine?

Hello all! Hope you have had a Valentine's Day filled with love and chocolate!!! Because there can never be too much of either in a person's life!

We have some tentatively wonderful news. We may have a referral! I say tentative because the details are still very sketchy. We don't yet have a medical report or any pictures, so we cannot officially accept the referral. But there is a baby and we have been selected to be the adoptive parents, if everything goes as we hope. We were contacted a couple of days ago about a baby boy (that's right, you read correctly, a boy) about 6 months old, who has lost his mother. He is being cared for by missionaries of the Methodist Church. I can't provide you with any more detail really, mostly because we don't have any ourselves, but in part because nothing is yet official.

We are asking tonight that any of you that read this please pray for this baby and his safe journey into our arms. There are many, many things that could go wrong or could complicate this process. Please pray that he is quickly moved from the missionary aid station to a foster home. Please pray that he turns out to be healthy. And please pray that the legal system works quickly and efficiently in processing this adoption. It is a very big change of heart that brings us to the decision to adopt a little boy. We think it must be a God thing! So hopefully God will have a hand in moving the process along smoothly. But all the prayers we can get from all of you can only help, so spread the word! Help us bring our baby boy home!
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