Monday, March 30, 2009

Mugshot Monday--and a Haven update

Grace turned 2 today. We had sweet little party at the park yesterday. I will try to do a special "Grace is Two" post in the next few days. Unfortunately, this week will be insanely busy. Our contest play at school won at the first level of competition, so we have another contest on Thursday. So lots of intensive rehearsal in the next few days. If we win on Thursday, we do it all over again next week! Winning, of course, is wonderful. My students have done an amazing job on our show. But...I really miss my sweet petunia Grace when I am off at rehearsals!
On top of the busy, busy days of school, we just found out that Brian is probably leaving for DRC in about 3 weeks. Maybe on April 21. Holy Moly!!! So we have to pack, stock up on baby supplies, come up with a "Grace and Mommy home alone" plan, get vaccinations, fill out more forms, the list goes on and on!!! Did I mention this is all happening in just 3 weeks. Brian will be in DRC for about 10 days. I am sort of freaking out about that. We have rarely been apart in our 20 years of marriage. Never for as long at 10 days. And never with an ocean between us. But if all goes as planned Brian will return home by May 1 with our darling new baby, Haven.
More updates coming soon!!! Have a wonderful April Fool's Day!

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