Monday, April 27, 2009

Mugshot Monday--Waiting and Waiting

Today's updates--Brian said today was a better day. I think it was because they kept pretty busy. They still did not have power until just before bedtime (that's when he called), but the fans were working and he was hoping to drift off to sleep before the power went out again.

Today they had visits to the DRC Office of Immigration, the doctor, and I think the US Embassy. In order to leave the country they have to have a letter from DRC immigration that says they have permission. It has to be presented at the Kinshasa airport. But in order to get that letter, they have to get another letter from the US Embassy saying that the children have passed the US immigration screening and are clear to enter the US. And the letter from the US Embassy has to be in both English and French. More hoops to jump through, but Brian didn't seem to think it was a crisis and Jilma is already working on it from back here in the US. She is AMAZING!!! I wish I could meet her in person and give her a big hug!

They also visited the doctor. Brian said Haven was given a clean bill of health. He is protein deficient and so his hair is red right now (we can't really tell in the pictures), but it should turn back to normal as soon as his nutrition is back in balance. And Brian said he is eating like crazy so that should take no time at all.

Tomorrow they go back to the embassy and immigration offices to work on getting the letters they need. They will also visit an orphanage. I think that Brian is looking forward to this. But I imagine it will be harder to see than he might think. We did not have the opportunity to visit Grace's orphanage, and thankfully, Haven did not ever have to live in one. I expect it will be a life changing experience. He said that just driving through the streets of Kinshasa has been mind boggling. He said that the streets are awful and there are traffic lights, just police at every intersection. There are cars so old and wrecked looking that you can't imagine how they still run right next to Mercedes SUV's.

I don't have any new photos of Haven (I don't think I will get any until Brian gets home), but the pics today have some beautiful monograms of his name. One of Haven's dear guardian angels, our friend Lauree, included these in the amazing care package she sent last week. Aren't they adorable!!! And of course, it wouldn't be Monday without a mugshot of my darling Grace. The photo below was just too funny not to include!
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