Friday, June 19, 2009

Blood, Sweat, Tears.....and Poop

Always giggling

Sleeping Beauty

Look Everybody! I'm Standing!

Mother, will you stop taking pictures!

What a week! Let me say it again--What a week! Sorry if any of this makes you queasy!
Brian had to attend a workshop Monday thru Thursday, so I was on my own with the kiddos. No problem right! I'm the Mom! I can do this!
Ya, whatever!!! As I am sure I have said before, Brian is way better at this stay at home stuff than I am. Monday was awful. Apparently, Grace could see my weakness and she fed on it like a vampire. It was a day full of tantrums. In the midst of a million Grace meltdowns, Haven starts to blow poop like a volcano. Grace mellows out on Tuesday, but the poop keeps a'coming! So on Wednesday we are in the doctor's office. She wants poop samples, oh and while you're here, lets do blood tests, as well! A PKU heal stick test and a vial of blood. But Haven's little body did not want to give up any of that precious blood. It took a half hour to squeeze enough blood from his foot to to the PKU test. It took another hour and a half to try and get blood from one arm, then the other, no that didn't work either, back the hand on the other arm. Holy smokes, it was agonizing. The nurses had me squeezing Haven to my chest or laying on top of him on the examining table to keep him still for the blood draw. And all the while Haven is SCREAMING and sweating!!! This kids sweats like a grown man jogging a marathon! And every few minutes Grace starts to cry hysterically because Haven is screaming (that part was kind of sweet, sisterly concern). Apparently, Haven's little veins are so small that the nurse couldn't get a small enough needle in him. She moved to the smallest they had, but it was so small that the blood could barely get out and started to clot. Luckily, we got a few drops out of him, enough to do the tests. After spending 2 hours at the doctor we were all exhausted. I needed to pick up a prescription for the poop issue, so the nurses called it into the pharmacy so I could just drive thru. When I got to the pharmacy they said they hadn't heard from the doctor yet, and could I come back later, maybe run some errands or go get lunch. WHAT! No I can't come back, their could be a toxic waste dump in my backseat at any moment!!!! So I pulled into the parking lot, cried for a minute, drove through McDonald's and got fries and a Coke (I almost broke down and had a Big Mac). When I got back to the pharmacy they had my order and by now both kids are asleep (small miracles), no one has pooped, and I am able to plop them both in bed for naps. So on Thursday I am thinking if I can survive yesterday's trip to the doctor, surely we can all make it to Target and back without any problems. But clearly, I am a glutton for punishment. Halfway through my shopping list I get a whiff of Haven's tell tall tail end! Sure enough we have had another eruption and it is starting to creep up the back of his onesie. At least it was trapped in his clothing. By the time I checked out and get out to the car the lava flow had reached his neck. So I stripped him down in the back of the minivan, did as much repair work as I could with the box of wipes, wrapped him a towel that happened to be on the floor of the van, and rushed home.
What a week! We were supposed to be going to visit Brian's parents and sister this weekend--a 10 hour road trip, but we had postpone for obvious reasons! Brian is home today and right now he is...taking a nap (the louse). If it weren't almost Father's Day, I might be having a fit, instead of just ridiculing him on my blog. He will have to make it up to me! Any suggestions?

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