Monday, July 20, 2009

Alert The Presses

Holy Smokes!!! Grace is potty proficent!!! That's right folks, for the last three days Grace has been going in the pot, pee and poo!!!. Last week she started to get interested in the the potty chair again. It had been a long time since she had shown any interest at all. So we decided to do some naked potty training. Grace spent the whole day at home with no clothes and no diaper on. We moved the potty chair to the living room and waited. And waited, and waited. Didn't seem like we were going to have any luck that first day. But then I got a phone call and while my back was turned Grace went over and sat on the pot. And Haven followed her. Suddenly there were blood curdling screams coming from the potty seat. Apparently, Grace was trying to go and Haven was trying to climb up on her lap! When I finally got off the phone Grace was hysterical, but there was pee in the pot. And then she did it again and again. It all just seems to have clicked. We did have a couple of accidents. She dribbled all over a pile of books in my bedroom (hope this doesn't foretell her future as a reader) and at one point we found her screaming and dancing around next to a poop on the carpet. Just moments earlier, Haven had dismantled the potty chair and dragged it across the room. She couldn't figure out how to get it back together in time for the poop to land in the pot. But since that first day, no accidents at all.

Now, how do you go from naked potty training to leaving the house in clothes? We're not sure about how to make the transition. We will be taking a short trip and I hate for all this sucess to disappear back into a diaper! So far that hasn't been the case. When we leave the house she wears a diaper and when we are home we have taken off her clothes. But eventually we have to move to the next step! I don't look forward to dealing with potty training and public restrooms!Any tips for where to go from here?

We are so proud of our big girl! Let's all do the potty dance to celebrate! And don't forget the M&M's!!!
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