Friday, July 10, 2009

Haven Turns Nine!!!

I'm a Big Boy Now!!!
A moment of sweet play together.

Keep your hands off my bling!

Snoozing again

Nine months that is. Haven is nine months old today. He is now the same age that Grace was when we first met her in China. He has been home for about 2 months now. Here are just a few tidbits about our sweet Havey Wavey, now that he is a wise old 9 month old!
  • Haven is now 21 pounds and 28 inches.
  • He is crawling, pulling himself up to standing, and just starting to cruise around the furniture
  • Haven is noisy. I mean really noisy. He babbles constantly, screams a lot, laughs with gusto. He is a very, very vocal baby.
  • He loves to laugh and has the most ready smile ever. Every morning when you go to pick him up out of his crib he breaks into a smile like he hasn't seen you in months and you just told him a great joke
  • Haven loves Grace. Now that he is crawling, he follows her everywhere. He is always trying to grab her, talk to her, play with her. It is adorable. Grace disagrees. When Haven touches Grace (especially if it is first thing in the morning when she is still grumpy from waking up) she will sometimes fall apart into a full blown meltdown.
  • In spite of the touching problem, Grace really does love Haven. She gave him a big hug in the tubby tonight (she is in a much better mood in the tub).
  • Haven has the most beautiful skin and gorgeous curly hair. And it is no longer red!
  • He likes to play peek-a-boo and he will often initiate it himself. He also plays a game I call "Sweet Boy" where he will lay his head to side and smile at you until you rub his cheek. Then he turns his head to the other side so you will rub that cheek.
  • Haven is super, super affectionate. He is the sweetest, cuddliest baby ever. Grace is not cuddly and never has been. She attached to us quite well when we first brought her home, and she tells me all the time "I lub you Mommy", but she has never been a kissy/huggy kid. But Haven is a lover boy! You can tell that he is a baby that has always been showered with affection.
  • Haven's favorite toy is the mailbox that Aunt Cathy got him.
  • His favorite food (besides formula) is baked potato with the works.
  • When he goes to sleep he rubs a blanket against his cheek. And he sleeps through the night
  • Haven loves the pool. And the tub. And the shower. My kids will always be clean!

Well, that's all for now. See you on Monday!

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