Monday, July 6, 2009

Mugshot Monday

Well, Fourth of July was a big dud fircracker! It was hell hot for the millioneth day in a row. Too hot to even swim. So we waited for the real fun that night, watching fireworks for the first time with Grace. We drove to a neighboring subdivision and got a great parking spot for the fireworks that were supposed to start at 9:00pm. Just before 9 the firetruck that was on duty for the big event went racing away. You could see in the distance a pretty big grass fire. Well, apparently our fireworks show couldn't start until we had a firetruck back on duty. We waited, and waited.....and waited and waited. Finally, just before 10 we decided we couldn't keep the kids up any later, so we headed home. Just as we left the subdivision front gates, here comes the firetruck. As Grace would say, "Ahh, come on!" It was just too late to turn back so we went home and went to bed. Some lame brained firebug, who couldn't keep his fireworks to himself, went and started a grass fire and so we didn't get to see a display. It makes me want to tie his hands behind his back, put sparklers between his toes, and light them up! Leave the fireworks to the experts!

So anyway, while we were visiting the "Grandpoo's", we took the kids to the park. Apparently, Haven was not impressed. Hilarious pictures. This kid can sleep!!!

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