Monday, August 10, 2009

Mugshot Monday

Today's Mugshot Monday goes out to my blog fans at work, especially Ms. Meredith and Ms. Worthington. I know that Ms. Worthington will especially appreciate the picture of Grace wearing her potty seat on her face. Yes, she is most definitely a kid with a sense of humor like her mommy.

We had an amazing weekend adventure. The United Methodist Church communications department got wind of our trip to Nashville to visit Pastor Loma. They interviewed him and then decided to do a whole news story on Haven's adoption. So we did a phone interview for a print story last week. Then on Saturday, they flew in a video production company to produce a video story about us as well. So on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, we will be famous. OK, at least famous among people who read the Methodist Church websites. As soon as everything is posted we will put up links so you can read and see the stories. We are really excited about it. Hopefully, this will bring a lot of good press to the plight of children in DRC, the opportunity to adopt, and the amazing work being done by Our Family Adoptions.

Below are some random cute kid pics and a few from our trip to Nashville. In addition to our wonderful visit with Pastor Loma, we took some beautiful scenic routes on the way home. We stopped at a little reservoir called Mousetail State Park. It was really pretty and Grace and I dipped our toes in the lake and creek running into it. Also on our travels we stopped in Memphis, Little Rock, and Shreveport. We didn't really do much any of those places. Activities with the kids are pretty limited. We did have some wonderful Indian food in Memphis, and no, we did not eat any ribs or see Elvis!

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