Monday, September 28, 2009

He's Up and Running!!!

She's asleep. Now I can put my devious plan to take over the world into action!!!

Daddy and Grace on a sunny day.

Grace and the twins at Chucky Cheese

Three peas in a pod!

Go speed racer!

OK, maybe not running, but Haven has officially taken his first unassisted toddles. It started Sunday night. For the last few weeks he has been standing up, clapping for himself, and knocking himself down. Or standing up, taking one step, and then head butting the closest person, couch, wall, etc. But Sunday night he took 6 unassisted steps in a row!!! WOOOHOOO! Everyone keeps saying that now that he is walking all the trouble will start, but quite frankly I am relieved. He is one heavy bundle of joy and he doesn't much like being carried. He is ready to go, go, go! Plus, it just makes me feel so so good that he is on track and so amazingly healthy. We have his one year well baby visit on Friday. I'll update how much the little chubba wubba weighs, etc, this weekend.

If you haven't been tuning into the other blogs on my list in the left column, you might want to take a look. The Sullivans will be traveling this month, the Solbergs are cruising along on their adoption proceedings in DRC, and the Terry's expect to get a referral any time now. Just as exciting, I have been contacted by 7 different families to get more information on DRC adoptions in the last month. Some have been through our Yahoo group, some from the media coverage we have gotten, and some through word of mouth. Jilma is currently handling 15 adoptions. Things are really rockin' over at OFA.

One cute kid anecdote before I sign off: Grace, Haven, and I were playing on the ground in our living room. Rolling on the floor, wrestling, getting head-butted by Haven. Grace picks up her toy cell phone and starts to talk to her friend Emily. Haven is doing a lot Grace immitating, so he picked up his bottle of formula, held it to his ear and starting talking into like his own cell phone. Hilarious!!!

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