Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Surprise--A Pledge and A Prize

Have I got an offer for you!!!  A way for all of you to help me support my favorite charity, Our Family Adoptions, at no cost to you.  Plus, a giveaway thrown in for good measure.  Sure sounds like a great deal to me.  Hope you think so, too!!!

A generous benefactor has pledged to make a donation to Our Family Adoptions if YOU help spread the word about this terrific organization.  Here's how it will work: 
  • For each person that becomes a new follower to our blog $1 will be donated--if you're already a follower just drop me a comment and you will earn $1 for our donation as well.
  • For each person that writes a blog entry linking to this blog entry and mentioning Our Family Adoptions you will earn $2 more  for our donation to OFA. 
So by just clicking a few buttons or typing a few words you can make it possible for Our Family Adoptions to earn $3 and to feed a child or provide medical care.  Of course, OFA helps families with adoptions, but their work in DRC with the children who will not or cannot be adopted is just as important and completely dependent on private donations.

But wait!!!  There's MORE!!!  There's a GIVEAWAY!!!  I have opened a new Zazzle store called Where Hope Begins.  You will find links to the store in my side bar and at the bottom of my blog posts.  100% of the profit from ALL product sales will be donated to Our Family Adoptions.  The store features shirts and other products with edgy slogans that will hopefully get people to begin having conversations about the plight of orphans around the world.  This giveaway is your chance to win an item of your choice (priced at $25 or less).  Be the first on your block (or anywhere on the planet) to sport a cool new t-shirt form Where Hope Begins.  Here are the rules:
  • If you become a follower of my blog your name goes in the drawing once.
  • If you post a blog entry about Our Family Adoptions linking back to this post, your name will be put into the drawing for 2 more times.
  • If you visit my new Where Hope Begins Zazzle Store and post a comment to me letting me know your favorite product design you get one more name in the hat.
  • And, if you suggest a possible new product design idea you'll get one more chance to win!
That's a possibility of 5 entries!!!  WOOOOHOOOO!  I'm excited just writing about it!  This donation drive and giveaway contest will continue through December 31st. at midnight.  The week of January 1 we will announce the winner and the total donation amount earned!

So get ready, get set, get clicking!  Spread the word, forward this to all your blogging friends, shout it from the rooftops!  Earn money for Our Family Adoptions, win a cool new shirt from Where Hope Begins!  And have a very, very Merry Christmas!!!
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