Monday, January 18, 2010

Mugshot Monday--Ramblings

This was a 3 day weekend and we spent most of it in our jammies and sweat suits.  This morning was especially sweet and relaxing.  Haven woke up first so I brought him in bed with us.  He wanted to read a book, so Grace, Haven, and I snuggled together and read "Over the Moon", a lovely book for preschoolers about adoption.  We also read "We're Different, We're the Same", a Sesame Street book about diversity.  Yes, already.  A few weeks ago while Ione and Chuck were babysitting Grace mentioned something about the difference between her skin color and Haven's.  I didn't think this would come up so soon, but she knows all her colors so I guess it stands to reason she would notice that she and Haven aren't the same one.

After story time we had some breakfast and then Baby Signing Time.  Haven LOVES BST.  He really won't pay any attention to any of Grace's other DVD's, but when he hears the BST theme song he starts to do the sign for baby and dances around the living room.  For those of you who already fans, all 3 of us were jumping around the room doing the "Diaper Dance".  If you're not already a fan and you have babies, I think this is a must have DVD collection.

At lunch time, Grace and Haven had their first peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  This may sound odd to most folks with kids, but we don't eat a lot of "kid" food.  We just haven't gotten in the habit.  Plus, I'm a vegetarian, so chicken strips are not a mainstay in our diet.  But we gave PB&J a try and they both liked it.  A huge victory since Grace doesn't like anything and is like one of those ferns that live on air only!  So speaking of lunch, Grace does the sweetest thing at mealtime--she likes to hold my hand.  Not so convenient if you are eating 2 handed food, but she will  hold my hand sometimes through the whole meal.  That kid can just melt my heart.

So this post had nothing especially interesting, or thought provoking, but its been that kind of weekend.  I will try to be more controversial or at least amusing, next time!  Here are some pics to make up for my not so fascinating post.  These are some pictures my sister took at Christmas.  I pretty much haven't taken any pictures since then, so sorry if you're getting tired of seeing the kids in the Sponge Bob jammies and snow suits!

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