Monday, June 14, 2010

Mugshot Monday--Water Babies

Long before we had kids, we had a pool.  And for a few years before having kids we would say to ourselves "Why did we ever get a pool"!

Well, this is why. 

Grace is almost a swimmer.  She is completely unathletic so she has trouble getting her arms and legs to move in sync.  But she adores the water.  Most days we swim twice, after breakfast and after dinner--it's too stinking hot to swim in the middle of the day.  And Grace begs to stay in the water each time we get ready to get out.  She doesn't usually wear a life jacket, but we are practicing with it for her boating trip to Grandma and Grandpa's cabin. 

Haven seems to be a natural athlete.  He kicks his legs and makes forward progress.  He can hold his breath underwater almost the length of the pool.  He will hold on to Brian's neck like he is riding a dolphin while Brian swims underwater.  And the whole time he keeps those big eyes open.  Of course, he makes time to give me some big wet kisses. 

I'm really glad we have a pool.  It's like everyday is vacation at our house!  And it sure makes my water babies happy!!!
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