Thursday, August 19, 2010


As many of you know I have been waiting for one final document from our government so that we can get a referral.  Well, it finally came today!  Exactly 3 months and 1 day from the day they recieved our request.  What a relief! Basically, it says that they think we are fit enough to adopt from overseas!  It took more than twice as long to get it this time as it did when we were adopting Grace and Haven, so I was really starting to stress out.  But now I can take a breath and start worrying about something else.

Because we got this form it means we will probably be getting a referral soon, which means I will be taking my blog private again in the next week or so.  If you are not one of the people who was following my blog when it was private before, send me your email address in the comments and I will add you to my approved followers list.  Be sure to remind me who you are if you use a blog code name.  I won't publish your email address in my commnents.  If you were on my blog list before you will still have access when I go private again.

I'm also thinking of starting a brand new blog.  I need a fresh new start to celebrate my my new family.  I'll keep you posted when that is up and running!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.  I certainly have reason to stop holding my breath and celebrate!
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