Monday, November 8, 2010

Mugshot Monday--Haven turns two

Haven turned 2 years old in October.  And yes, he is now a little more terrible than before.  But still the best hugger, kisser, and squeezer in the house!  Some things you should know about Havey Wavey now that he is two!
  • He is in the 50 percentile for weight and the 25 percentile for height.  But no, he is not fat.  This boy is one big, dense muscle.  And he has a big noggin!
  • His language skills are through the roof.  We assume it is from having his big sis jabbering in his ear all day.  But he never stops talking, singing, screaming, making strange whale calls--if he is awake, sound is coming out of him!
  • He is a vegetarian (and I don't think it has anything to do with me).  Brian made beef stroganoff with ground beef a few weeks ago and Haven was trying to spit out the "dirt" that he found on his noodles.  He peels the coating off chicken nuggets and spits out the chicken.  His food of choice is still the loaded baked potato.  He can polish off two all by himself.  He also loves rice, yogurt drinks, cheese, and peas.
  • He loves music.  Loves to dance, sing, play the drums.  He got a mini drum set for his birthday (no it was not my idea) and he had a jam session with Grace and Aunt Cathy.  His favorites songs are "Itsy Bitsy Spider", the theme song from Veggie Tales, and that song from the end of Madagascar "I Like to Move, Move It". 
  • He is Grace's best friend and he likes everything that she does including princesses.  At night when she asks for a night gown, he wants one, too.  He still hasn't figured out that his shirts are called "shirts" no"dresses".  We'll have to work on this before pre-school.
As many of you know, we originally thought Haven would be a girl.  We requested twins from China.  One would be Grace and one would be Haven.  But we didn't get twins.  Then we thought we'd go back for another girl and name her Haven.  But the way time in China was up to a 4 or 5 years, so we didn't go back.  Then we asked for a girl from DRC.  But a very special boy was delivered to us instead and I just couldn't be happier than my Haven is a sweet, dimpled, cuddly, full of laughter and full of the nick two year old boy!  Thank Heaven for little boys!!!

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