Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mugshot Monday--While I Was Away Part II

Disclaimer:  Yes, I know its Tuesday night, which makes this not exactly a Mugshot Monday, but I have been trying for 3 days to get pictures to load to this blog.  I am a little irritable right now so send me some nice comments :)

So while I was on blogging hiatus I was also in a bit of a picture taking slump.  January, February, March just dragged by while I waited for call that we were finally going to get to travel.  But that's a story for another post.  Literally, nothing went on at my house for 3 months, but waiting and paperwork.  So, today, the highlights of our winter photos.

Grandma came to visit and she and Grace wore matching footy pajamas.

Haven still has a tongue.  Just checking.

One of those rare smiling shots of Grace.

Grace and Haven practice feeding the new babies that are coming home soon.

Grace is all dressed up for Chinese New Year's celebration!

 Haven wore one of Grace's traditional Chinese hand me downs.

And Grace wore her "golden princess" dress.

We spent lots of time playing outside in the beautiful Texas winter weather.

Daddy got lots of exercise doing "weight lifting"!

Grace loves the outdoors.

The wind in her hair makes her happy.

She has become a horse fanatic. Luckily they are not allowed in our subdivision!

These best buddies are never far apart.

What do you think Mom?  Should I jump in that puddle?

Coming soon--Some thoughts on my travels to DRC and Manny & JoJo come home at last!
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