Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Little Man is One

Josias Honorable aka JoJo is not my youngest son, but he is my littlest. 

We think he might actually be from a part of Congo where the people are a bit shorter.  Or maybe he just hasn't had a growth spurt yet.  He is only one year old after all.  We celebrated his first birthday a couple of weeks ago. 


JoJo shows off his new car that came in the mail from Grandma Ione

In any case what JoJo lacks in height he makes up for with a HUGE personality.  He is funny and fast and fantastic.  He has crazy twisty hair that totally fits his personality.  He loves to play chase, climb stairs, and anything else that he can reach. 

He is the fastest crawler in the west and now that he is walking we can hardly keep up with him.  He loves to tickle and kiss and play for hours on end. 

I really can't think of any bad qualities that JoJo has (except smearing food in his hair at every meal).  He
even sleeps well--must be all the energy he expends throughout the day.

Cuddling with his "twin" Manny

My favorite thing about JoJo is the way he "sings".  He is not talking yet, but when you cuddle him up against your neck or if he is in a really good mood he makes the most adorable cooing sounds in your ear. 

Happy First Birthday, JoJo.  I am so happy that you are part of our family and you are home to celebrate this big day!  See some quick clips of JoJo walking and Manny giving it a good effort below.

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