Thursday, August 25, 2011

What To Do With A Used Mosquito Net

This summer we did a little decorating in Grace's bedroom.  We turned it into her special "fairytale bedroom" with the help of a mosquito net that we bought for our trip to DRC.  As it turned out, we never actually took the net to Kinshasa.  We got word that we wouldn't need it after which was a good thing because we could not have squeezed one more ounce into our luggage.  So we hung it up over Grace's bed to give her a sort of canopy.  When we showed it to her the first time she said "Oh Mommy, its just like where a fairy would sleep".

Grace's room was already pink from when it was just a guest room.  That was lucky.  And we already had the star-covered toy chest and beautiful miniature desk handmade by Grandma Ione.

To finish off the room we added a hand-me-down dresser from my folks that Grace and I painted up in princess pink and blue.  I love the polka dot knobs!

We have not had an easy time getting Grace to sleep in her own room.  A severe fear of the dark and traces of anxious attachment have kept her from being comfortable at night.  But the decorating seems to have done the trick.  She loves to sleep in her fairytale bed.  It is finally a room fit for my princess!

And Haven likes it, too!

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