Friday, September 2, 2011

What Every Child Needs

Every child needs:
  • a family to love
  • a safe place to live
  • a warm bed of their own
  • enough food to keep them healthy
  • enough room to play
  • plenty of books to read
  • warm clothes in winter and cool clothes in summer
  • all the hugs, and cuddles, and kisses they could ever ask for
But not every child gets their needs fulfilled. That just breaks my heart.

Every child does not need:
  • a bedroom to themselves
  • clothes with designer labels
  • so many toys that they can't decide which to play with
  • ballet lessons, piano lessons, gymnastics lessons, soccer league, baseball teams, summer camp
  • a playstation, an x-box, a wii
  • their own phone, their own TV, their own computer, their own car
  • their own credit card
  • a huge college fund
Our children will have what they need and a few things that they don't. 

Grace said she needed a sister.  She needed a sister to share her room. She needed a sister to wear her dresses when they get too small for her.  She needed a sister that was brown like Haven.

We agreed.  Grace needed a sister and we had plenty of room and plenty of food and plenty of clothes.
And plenty of love.

So Grace is getting what she needs. 

We got our referral for Baby K just a few days ago.  She is about 3 months old and she already has a big mop of curls.  She looks more like Manny than Haven, but she is brown and she is beautiful.

Sometime in the spring she will join our family and she will finally and forever have everything she needs.
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