Monday, November 7, 2011

Guns N Roses--Who Knew???

Brian put the boys down for their nap the other day to some Guns N Roses videos.  They just fell asleep in his arms.  So we tried it again tonight with "Sweet Child of Mine".  And Manny started to channel Axel Rose.  It was hilarious.  If you've ever seen Axel move you know what I mean.  Manny had the weird head bob and hip sway.  Meanwhile JoJo sat on Brian's lap and did some headbanging.  Daddy is turning them into heavy metal babies.  My nutty theatre students who are reading tonight may be asking what is Guns N Roses?  Who is Axel Rose? Well guys, go check them out on YouTube.  For all you old farts out their that grew up with Guns N Roses,  do you realize that the album Appetite for Destruction came out 24 years ago!

But after "Sweet Child of Mine" Brian moved on to "November Rain" and the boys both chilled.  Manny snuggled up on my chest for some "Welcome to the Jungle".  Then Brian switched over to "Chinese Democracy". Lame.  And Axel was looking pretty old in that video.   I think Guns N Roses never were as good as Appetite for Destruction again.

I rarely listen to music much anymore.  I was a music major when I started college, but now I almost never sing in public, never listen to music in the car.  I'm tuned into the all-news public radio station.  Somehow it seems that my life has just gotten too noisy for music.  The kids at school all walk around with ear buds wrapped around their necks, music always within reach.  But I just crave silence.  I don't want the soothing sounds of a symphony.  I want the sound of Manny snoring lightly on my neck.  Or Grace quietly reading to herself in bed.  The sound of wind crackling in the palm trees out back.

But sometimes the lullaby you need is a little Guns N Roses.  Nightie night, boys!

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