Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Incredible Shrinking Husband

Over the holiday week Brian lost a pound.  That's on top of the 39 pounds he has lost since August of this year.  It has been incredible to watch.

One day he came home from running some errands and announced that he had signed up with Quick Weight Loss.  There happened to be a location close to our house and he had heard it advertised on a local radio station quite a lot so he went in and signed up. 

I was a little freaked out.  Brian has been talking about losing weight for years.  Getting back into shape, getting healthy.  Being around for our kids.  But we are typical fluffy Americans, with not enough time in our day and too much easy access to bad foods.  We just never got around to it. 

But signing up and paying someone to tell you exactly what you are allowed to eat obviously did the trick.  At first he had to go to the office and weigh in every single day.  Then every other day, then twice a week.  Now he is checking in about once a week.  His goal was to lose 50 pounds and he is getting very close.  The program has not been easy.  First of all it is incredibly boring.  He has had to eat copious amounts of plain grilled chicken breast.  Secondly, he can only eat very small portions of starches.  One of the things he eats is this awful diet bread.  It comes in very small, very thin, very sweet slices.  In fact, a lot of diet foods seem to be extra sweet, I guess to cover up something else.  Yuck, I just have to buy my own loaf of bread and my own mayo.

I have lost a few pounds by osmosis.  I would have lost a lot more, but for awhile Brian was cooking two dinners each night: what he had to eat and what he wished he could eat.  He was serving me some pretty good stuff.  But I told  him to cut it out and just let me eat the same as him and if I didn't like it just let me fend for myself.  I am a terrible cook, so if I'm am really desperate and can't stand the sight of another chicken breast I'm usually satisfied with a bowl of cereal (which I can cook for myself) or a cup of yogurt. 

Probably the best of part of Brian's weight loss in my opinion is this week his doctor took him off of two medications: high cholesterol meds and high blood pressure meds.  Whooohooo.  Brian has had high blood pressure for over 15 years and he has been on medication for it the whole time.  But now he doesn't need it. My sweet husband is healthier, not just skinnier!  I almost started to cry when he told me.  I didn't because he makes fun of my when I cry about good stuff.  But I am so happy for him and so happy for my kids.  We are, after all, slightly "older" parents.  Now, I feel a little more confident that we are going to grow up to be really old parents!

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