Monday, December 12, 2011

Snow White and a Dozen Or So Dwarves

My name is Snow White.  I got that name because of my blinding white skin. 

It is a terribly unflattering picture, but it is the best I had for tonight.  It must be the camera :)

I live in a small cottage with Prince Charming and a whole bunch of little people.  We are hoping that even more little people will be joining our cottage someday, but that is story for another day.  Today I'd like to introduce you to the characters in this story.
Prince Charming!

Cheesy Dwarf

Surprised Dwarf
Pouty Dwarf
Sleepy Dwarf
Invisible Dwarf

Sad Dwarf
Scary Dwarf
Super Model Dwarf
Very Grumpy Dwarf
Lazy Dwarf

Stoned Dwarf--please no one call the authorities, I just caught him in mid blink.

So those are my dwarves. I know that on Mugshot Monday I usually share the pictures of the more attractive dwarves that live in my cottage, but thought you might want to catch a glimpse of these other dwarves that live here, too.
Oh ok, here are some happy dwarf pictures, too!

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