Saturday, January 7, 2012

Grandma Makes Things

Most grandmas make great pies.  Or pretty quilts. Or decorative flower arrangements.

Not Ione.

She makes furniture.  And not just any kind of furniture.  BIG. HEAVY. FURNITURE.

She started doing woodworking about 10 years ago.  She'd tried her hand at just about every artsy-craftsy pastime you can think of.  But she didn't really find her niche until she started making furniture. In our home we have several Ione originals.  Our coffee table, our king size head board, our night stands.

But her crowning glory of furniture construction has got to be THE BUNK BEDS!  They are amazing, enormous, built to last hurricane, flood, tornado, and THREE BOYS!!!! Custom made to fit the boys bedroom and with each of their names engraved in their own storage drawer. 

Behold, THE BUNK BEDS!!! They were the best present ever.

Ione, guess you'd better start working on the girls beds :)
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