Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Petunia

Dear Grace,

Today is your birthday.  You are now 5 years old.  Five years.  Wow.  You are now a big girl.

The first day I met you in that hotel lobby in China I never could have imagined:
  • How extraordinarily beautiful you would be.  You were a cute baby, but you are a truly beautiful young lady.
  • How funny you would be. You are clever, witty, silly, nutty.  Every day you make me laugh.
  • What a great big sister you are to Haven. I've rarely seen siblings as close as you two are. I hope that is something that never changes.
  • That you would have 3 brothers and 2 sisters.  You filled me with so much love that I never knew was in me.  You allowed me to be the mother I am to you and all your siblings. 
  • How being your mother would make me cry more, laugh more, love more than anyone deserves to.  You have made me a better person.  You have made me more of all the things I should have been all along.
Some of my favorite things about you:
  • Your favorite color is blue, not pink like all the other girls.
  • You love all things about nature and you pick flowers for me every chance you get.
  • You pretend to be a horse and gallop around the living room.  It makes Manny and JoJo let out those wonderful baby belly laughs.
  • Listening to you and Haven sing songs and say prayers from the back of the van.
  • That you only want to wear dresses.  Every day.  Not skirts, dresses!
  • That you like to wear you hair short like Mommy and Haven.
  • Every night when I go to sleep you are snuggled up against me.  I know lots of people think its crazy, but I know that when your little heart heals and you finally feel safe enough, you'll want to sleep in your own room.  Until that time comes I will wrap my arms around you and do anything it takes to protect your heart from the scary dreams that come with the darkness.  You will never be alone.
Thank you, Grace, for letting me be your Mommy.  For reaching out to hold my hand when we cross the street, for putting your hand on my knee at the dinner table to be sure I'm still sitting close enough.  For running to hug me everyday when I get home from work.  You really are my sunshine.

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