Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to You Little Miss LuLu

At our house birthdays are not so much about presents as they are about chocolate frosting.  So here are a few pics from Louise's birthday.  Louise has been such a perfect fit into our family.  She is funny, sassy, and noisy.  She loves to give big wet kisses, big tight hugs, and she talks too much. She was clearly supposed to be part of our crew!

Some of my favorite things about Louise: 
  • she is short and round like a weeble and when she falls down she rolls right back up
  • she is not one bit afraid of her big brothers
  • she follows JoJo around wherever he goes and seems to be cheering on his mischief

  • when she walks she throws back her arms and pushes out her chest like she's headed into a fight

  • she talks all the time and although I have no idea what she is saying, she sounds like she's being very sarcastic

  • she smiles like she just won a prize every time I pick her up

  • she has an uncanny resemblance to Nell Carter

  • but sometimes she also looks like Yoda

Happy Birthday sweet Louise.  You've made our house a happier, funnier, messier place!

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