Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh Such Beautiful Little People

A sweet new friend of mine took some pics of my family a couple of weeks ago.  I don't know how she managed such great work because my kids were HORRIBLE.  It was hot, rainy, they were all hungry, and the beach we had promised to take them to wasn't available.  Six grumpy kids=a miraculous photo shoot.  My friend was so kind and patient and just look how beautiful she made us look!!!
(The little people I refer to in the title of this blog post are not me and Brian.  Although both of us are rather petite, we are not so little that you would probably notice us in a crowd.  Nor are we exceptionally beautiful people.  Though I do think hanging out with our kids makes us younger looking and seemingly more attractive :))
Come on JoJo, look at the camera.

My handsome boys.

The three sweetest girls ever.

Notice how Louise and I have matching double chins.

So sweet.  And maybe Louise is a little constipated.

Manny and Grace toes.

My big sweet boy loves his daddy.

I think that JoJo will always have his head in the clouds.

Manny is so serious and so handsome.

Best Best Best Friends Forever.

Princess Petunia.

Oh so pretty.

Grace and Katriel.  Love this pic!!!

Such sweet sisters.

"Congo is right over here..."

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