Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Acts of Chaos!

By night they are a sleeping flock of angels.  But by day, my house is filled with a small band of incompetent criminal troll dolls, roaming the halls looking for things to destroy.  We try everything we can to curb these behaviors: time out, time in, go to your room, no TV, no treats. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!

They look so mild mannered....

.....but they are probably plotting their next attack!

A super cool friend of mine named Megan over at the blog Millions of Miles does this super cool project with her kids each year called "The 12 Days of Christmas Kindness".    It is inspiring and adorable and clearly Megan is campaigning for Mother of the Millennium! 

Not me!  I'm just trying to survive 3 simultaneous cases of the terrible two's!  Manny and JoJo are deep in the thick of it.  Louise may not officially be two yet, but she is 18 months going on 40!  Girlfriend has some attitude.  So most days there is not a lot of Christmas kindness going on.  There is a lot of hitting, biting, pushing, scratching, grabbing, and throwing. 

First I will eat your camera...

....and then I will take over the world!

Looks so sweet and calm...

....when he's sitting in time out!

At our house we are participating in Random Acts of Chaos!!!!!  Here are a few examples:
  • You might have already read this, but our Christmas tree is no more.  Check out "The Sudden, Unexpected, and Very Early Demise of My Christmas Tree".
  • About two weeks ago we got our carpets cleaned.  Holy moly did they need it.  And the carpet cleaning man worked some Christmas miracles.  But just a few days later, Grace left a cup of chocolate milk (which is never supposed to leave the kitchen) on a table that Katriel could reach.  Kat got the cup and dribbled chocolate milk on the carpet in EVERY SINGLE ROOM in our house.
  • On the same day, someone got hold of the black dry erase marker and wrote all over one of our living room windows...and the carpet in front of the window.
  • Also on the same day (boy was it one of those days) a bowl of corn flakes got spilt, mashed in, and strewn all around the playroom.  Thank goodness there was no milk on the flakes.
  • We were given a gift of an adorable poster to hang in the boys room.  It was already framed and ready to go, but we hadn't figured out yet where to hang it so that the kids couldn't reach it and knock it down.  So we had it hidden behind our piano.  Well, apparently not so hidden.  JoJo found the picture and threw it down on the tile of our entry way.  This was highly annoying, but clearly just a diversion.  While I picked up glass and Brian kept the mob of small people from stepping on it, JoJo snuck into our bedroom and threw off all his clothes and attempted to climb into the bathtub.  (The throwing off his clothes part happens several times a day.  JoJo is happiest naked except for shoes, he always wants his shoes on).
  • JoJo also tipped the dresser full of Kat and Louise's clothes over, emptying and breaking 2 drawers.  At least he didn't pull down the hanging rods again!
  • Yesterday when I got home from school everyone in the house was still napping...except for Grace.  Grace was doing construction.  She had moved all the chairs out of our kitchen and into the living room and had taken most of the sheets and blankets out of our linen closet to build herself a castle.  A really big castle.
  • Last night Brian took the boys in for a bath after we finished a very messy meal of spaghetti and meatballs.  He washed and scrubbed and conditioned the tomato sauce out of JoJo's head and then put him in his jammies.  JoJo immediately walked back into the kitchen and Louise rubbed more tomato sauce back onto his head.
  • Someone stole my camera last week and I just discovered these random pics of chaos in action.

Most of this occurred in just one week.  One really long week.

I'm trying not to let this kind of stuff get to me.  I'm trying to embrace our chaos.  After all, its not going to go away ever any time soon.  And its not like Brian and I ever had a model home to start with.  I'm too artsy fartsy to live in house that many other people would have appreciated.  So we have given up and are converting the place into a giant toddler amusement park.  I'll do a blog post about it once the transformation is complete. 

Maybe next year we can take a dive into some of those 12 days of Christmas Kindness.  As for this year, its every man (or small child) for himself.  I have to warn you, if you show up unexpectedly (or even if you're coming for a planned visit) there will be chaos.  And you might get bit!
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