Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Day As A Single Parent

On Friday, JoJo had surgery.  He was suffering from severe sleep apnea and had to have his adenoids and tonsils removed.  Brian took him downtown to Texas Children's Hospital for the surgery and stayed overnight with him.

So for about 24 hours I was a single parent.  And yes, I was a little nervous about that.

As you probably know, Brian is a stay at home dad and I am the go to work mom.  I work full time as a public high school teacher and theatre director.  Five days a week I get up at 5:30am and I get home between 4 and 5:30pm.  I work a few nights and a few Saturdays. 

Brian's full time job is the kids.  He gets up every morning with me and makes me breakfast and coffee, and packs my lunch.  Then he waits for JoJo to wake up the rest of the house. Then he spends the rest of the day doing what all the rest of you stay at home's do.  Everything!!!

Because JoJo is such a tiny little guy the doctor decided when he had his surgery that they would need to keep him over night for observations.  I took off work on Friday so Brian could take JoJo to the hospital and stay overnight with him.  I must admit that I rarely am alone with the kids for more than a couple hours at a time.  Once Brian went to watch a football game at a pub down the street and I ended up sending him about dozen text messages demanding he return home with a gallon of milk at half-time or I would be bringing all the kids to bar with me!  I have never stayed by myself overnight with all the kids.  Or even most of the kids.  So JoJo's surgery would leave me alone with 5 out of 6 kids.  Eek! 

Well, I have to say, I kicked butt!

Brian left with JoJo mid morning.  I cooked a lunch of hamburger patties and macaroni and cheese.  You may be thinking that is hardly an accomplishment to brag about.  However, this is very possibly the first time in my entire life that I have cooked a hamburger.  I have probably turned one over in a pan at Brian's suggestion, but I have never shaped/seasoned/cooked a hamburger from start to finish all by myself. 

AND....they all ate their burgers!!!!  That never happens.  I'm a freakin' gourmet genius.  Right after lunch everyone went down for a nap (except Grace, who helped clean up the kitchen) and they all slept for 3 HOURS!!! I'm the freakin' baby whisperer!!! That night we had popcorn for dinner (that is something I actually do know how to cook from scratch, no microwaving) and then at bedtime everyone went to bed and NO ONE CRIED!!!! 

Obviously, God knows how lame I am at most general household tasks and smiled down on me this weekend.

The next day Brian and JoJo got home about 2pm.  I had successfully completed another 2 meals and all the kids were down for naps.  Then Brian woke up Louise and it was all downhill from there.

While it lasted, it was amazing.

I asked Grace that morning if she thought Mama had done a good enough job while Daddy was away and if maybe Mama could stay home and Daddy could work. She is very diplomatic.  She said that really the best thing would be if we could both stay home everyday.  Love that girl!

So if any of you have a brilliant idea for how Brian and I can both stay home, but still manage to feed our kids and pay the mortgage, please come by and let me know how!  Stop over sometime for lunch.  I make a mean burger!

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