Thursday, March 7, 2013

When My Kids Are a Little Bit Bigger.....

When my kids are a little bit bigger.....
  • I'll get a little more sleep
  • I'll be able to take a shower every day
  • I might even get around to cleaning my shower
  • I'll be able to remove the baby gate from the kitchen entrance
  • I won't be the owner of 8 assorted car seats
  • I won't have to escort someone to the bathroom 75 times a day
  • I won't have to leave the lights on all over my house so that people can sleep
  • I won't have to figure out how to hold hands with 6 people when I only have 2 arms.
  • I won't have to use the semi-truck sized 3-seater shopping cart at Target
  • I won't have to buy milk 6 gallon jugs at a time

But when my kids are a little bit bigger there won't be as much....

  • hand holding
  • or cuddling
  • or people sitting on my lap
  • or kissing bumps and bruises
  • or bedtime giggles
  • or early morning snuggles
  • or matching outfits
  • or blowing on bellies
  • or watching animated Disney movies
  • or dancing in our jammies before bed
  • or silliness for the sake of being silly

PLEASE, don't let them get any bigger.  I'm not quite ready yet!

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