Monday, April 1, 2013

Mugshot Monday: Easter Parade of Pics

Hope all of you had as blessed and happy an Easter as each of my kiddos did!  It got messy a few times, but we had a wonderful weekend.  Nothing I ever imagined can compare with sharing my holidays as a family of 8!
Naked egg dying :)

Ummmm...this looks yummy!

More eggs please!

Ohhhh, it is yummy!  And a little crunchy!
My handsome boys! 

My gorgeous girls!

The hunt is on!

What am I supposed to do with these???

I've got a plan. Bwahhhahhhhahh!

Beside herself with candy-filled egg happiness!

Him too!!!

I think this one is the big winner.

Do you think she'll notice if I steal some of her eggs???

More please!

This is a dumb game!

Anybody got any real hard boiled eggs around here?  I need a snack.

OK, maybe it's not so bad.
An Easter full of LOVE!

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